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Review: The Time Machine by H.G. Wells (1895)

The Time Machine - H.G. Wells, Félix J. Palma

This may be source material for all the time travel stories that I read or watched. This was also adapted in films multiple times. The one that I watched was The Time Machine (2002). I can now see why, the original material is short. The film has to add more material to flesh out scenes and added characters. While I can see the enthusiasm of the Time Traveler, which was unnamed in the book, almost all characters are unrelatable. The story used first person point of view with which the point of view character not the Time Traveler. Because of this, the Time Traveler narrated his adventures instead and Wells used this to inject his social commentaries. I prefer “show” not “tell”. And I prefer my commentaries subtle, not out-there.


Overall, I still liked this book. Will definitely continue reading classics.


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